Today’s Work Look: Black

Oh my gosh I need to update this blog more! I have tons of previous looks I have to post so stay tuned…

Also note: Since moving to my new digs I don’t have an ideal plan for photo taking yet. My current bedroom shots aren’t great and not the best quality but it’s how they’ll be for now. I’m hoping to paint my bedroom door either turquoise again or something else funky as a backdrop for photo’s.

Any who, here’s today’s look:

DSCN1179 copy

DSCN1173 copyDSCN1185 copy

There’s nothing like a mostly black look to make me feel sleek and stylish. Sometimes I really like to wear all black. This new dress I found at Winners is super flattering and can be dressed up or dressed down. Today is a dressed down look but I bought this dress initially for a wedding and knew if I wore a sparkly statement necklace and heels I could easily pull myself off as classy and wedding appropriate :). Happy hump day!

Dress: Winners. In stores now. Approx $40 (Can’t remember exactly).

Cardigan: Sears from a few years ago.

Shoes: Forever 21. In stores now. $45.

Tights: Target.

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Monday Interview Look

Today I met with a recruiter I got in touch with last week. With the weather finally getting warmer I decided to do a spring inspired outfit. Beige pants with a cream crochet blazer and graphic top. Most of my work pants are black but I decided I needed to change that up. I bought the pants I’m wearing in beige, grey and navy so I could start brightening up my outfits as the weather gets brighter.

Something to note about meeting with a recruiter/head hunter, dress like you were going to an interview. I know this seems simple but several years ago, as a young grad, I didn’t really know what recruiters expected or how formal recruitment agencies were. The first time meeting a recruiter I wore a short sleeve blouse and black pants. Not super casual but not super tailored and polished either. The recruiter had me come in to discuss a high-end fashion job and I could tell by her subtle comments and questions about my professional wardrobe that she didn’t think I looked the part. I should have thrown on a jacket with it and maybe added some accessories. Especially for me working in the fashion industry I should of known better.

In a professional situation (networking, meeting a recruiter, interviewing) always always dress your best even if you were told ahead of time it is a casual atmosphere.

DSCN1152 copy

Here’s a close up of the crochet:

Crochet Jacket

Crochet Blazer: Suzy Shier. In stores now. $38

Cream Trousers: Suzy Shier. In stores now. $29

Graphic Top: H&M. In stores now. $20

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Throw Back to Pop of Colour with a Collar

*Throw Backs are posts of pictures that have been waiting to be posted but due to lack of time (laziness) I have not posted them yet.

Its been a bit of a hiatus! I didn’t mean to abandon this blog for so long but in the last few months I got a new job, moved to a new apartment for that new job, lost my job because the company went belly up and am now on the hunt for a new job again. Whew. It’s been a lot.

This outfit was actually taken a few months ago, it just needed some editing and cropping so I figured might as well post it. I’ll be taking some new photos soon of my new interview attire. Stay tuned.

I like the different pops of prints in this outfit. The bright red polka dot collar, and the heart print tights.

DSCN1056 copy



Dress: Ardene

Red collared tank: Sirens

Heart Tights: Ardene

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Tuesday Work Look: Preppy Nerd

DSCN1038-copy 2

Tuesday I wore my blue striped jeans and a blue striped button up shirt. I know, a lot of stripes! So I tossed a grey cardigan over top and it helped to cut down on the visual shock of too much stripes. It also helped that the stripes on my top are fine and more closely spaced. I think the louder and further spaced stripe works on my bottom half but wouldn’t work on my top if the pants were a smaller and thinner stripe.

I think I look kind of preppy and kind of nerdy and I wasn’t sure it would work until seeing the outfit in the mirror made me smile. That’s usually how I dress myself. I take risks and assess in the mirror if the risk works for me and my personality, all others be damned! If an outfit makes me smile no matter how zany, you better believe I’m going to wear it.

Pin Stripe Button Up: H&M. In stores now. I forget the exact price but it’s around $20.

Striped Jeans: Purchased last year from Sirens.

Grey Cardigan: Ardene. Purchased a few years ago.

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Throw Back to Last Week

*Throw Backs are posts of pictures that have been waiting to be posted but due to lack of time (laziness) I have not posted them yet.

DSCN1018-glare correct

I picked this floral blazer up at Marshall’s a few weeks ago. It is so my jam.

Blazer: Marshall’s. In store’s now. Around $35.

Dress: H&M a few years ago.

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Throw Back to Sandal Weather

*Throw Backs are posts of pictures that have been waiting to be posted but due to lack of time (laziness) I have not posted them yet.

DSCN094-copy anti glare


I took these photos several weeks ago back when it was sandal weather. Sigh…

The pink flower cardigan I’ve actually had since high school. I made it with fabric from Fabricland and McCall’s Pattern M5241:

McCalls Patern M5241

Top: Suzy Shier

Open Cardigan: Made by me with Fabric from Fabricland


Sandals: Aldo

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Monday Work Look: First Day of Fall

DSCN1034 copy 2


It’s officially fall as of today and officially sweater weather. Boo. Cue me swaddling myself in comforters and hoping for summer.

I picked this sweater up this past weekend at Wal-Mart. The pants are from Sirens last year and received 4 separate compliments today! I got the booties at the CNE. Stitches had set up shop in one of the event buildings and I picked these babies up.

Sweater: Wal-Mart. In stores now. $20

Pants: Sirens last year.

Booties: Stitches $35

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