Birthday Look!



I fell instantly in love with this fabric years ago while I was working part-time at Fabricland during College. I had no idea what I would do with it but I knew I must have it. My rule of thumb for buying fabric you love but have no specific plan for is well…. first of all don’t buy it unless you absolutely cannot live without it (if your fabric stash is as big as mine). If you do not have fabric crowding every inch of your apartment my rule of thumb is buy 3 meters. 3 meters allows you enough to make a dress, pants, a few skirts, some pillow covers, and much more. Basically 3 meters allows you the freedom to make virtually anything you want once you finally have a plan for that fabric. Fast forward to my looming 23rd birthday. I was going out with a bunch of friends and it was a short dress kinda night. I knew I had the perfect fabric and I found the perfect pattern:



Stayed up until 3 am the night before my birthday to finish but I think it turned out well. As you might notice, the key hole cut out was not part of the pattern. I added it by piercing through the fabric after tracing the key hole and then cutting it out. I finished it by hand sewing a 1/4″ trim along the raw edge. This was a very delicate and time consuming process!


Add the perfect platform shoes, some chandelier earrings and another pop of colour with the bag and you have a very colourful outfit worthy of celebrating!

Dress: Sewn by me with Burda Pattern 7783.

Shoes: (an amazing site for discount shoes, clothes, and accessories).

Earrings: H&M       Handbag: H&M

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