Re-Vamp Your Scuffed Up Pumps!



Close up:


Have you ever found that elusive high heel, a pair in which you are comfortable for hours? Yes I know this may seem like an urban wives tale but I found those exact qualities approximately 4 years ago in an inexpensive Payless pair. Stylish with a crocodile imprint, practical with a 3” heel, and versatile with a neutral colour they were my favourite pair. I wore them to interviews, dates, and even out dancing all night long. But those heydays passed and with them; scuffs and scraps became very visible on my once beloved shoes.

Not willing to give up on the hope that these well worn shoes might once be worn again, I began to wonder what could I do to save them???

I thought about gluing the toes with wall paper, using a sharpie to cover the scuffs, or even taking them to a shoe repair place with a puppy dog look and the plea “please can you save these shoes sir?” But it turns out the solution was in my makeup bag! Nail polish! More specifically, Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish in 06 Antiqued Gold. I was fortunate that the gold that I had on hand was very light and perfectly complimented and blended with the neutral tone of the original shoes.





You’ll notice I didn’t paint the entire shoe. I could have but I like the original colour and print as well so I tried my best to lightly blend the sides into the rest of the shoe. I did this by applying a very thin layer of polish, which is very delicate work.

Also here’s a picture of what crackle looks like on nails (for those who may be behind the times):

Crackle Nails

This project truly does require patience and a steady hand but if you follow my recommendations I think you can “nail” it too:

1)     You will need a smooth glide and steady hand. I started painting from the middle of the toe and used a smooth back and forth motion as I went. I found the up and down movement did not cover as much ground and did not look as smooth.

2)      Close at hand you will need toilet paper/paper towel and Q-Tips! Most ladies know that if the nail polish bottle is left open long enough it starts to clump and that happened throughout this whole process. I used the Q-Tips to remove and start over any major lumps or bumps I created on the surface of the shoe and to remove the build-up of clumps at the opening of the polish bottle.

3) If you are going to cover scuffs on a shoe with a flat surface (ones that do not have forgiving creases like mine) it will be essential to use a smooth stroke.The overlap of nail polish can tend to look bumpy and clumpy if not painted carefully. I would even recommend using a bigger brush to get the job done and have it look good.

I hope you are inspired by my little DIY! I am so EXCITED to again be able to wear the only pair of COMFORTABLE all-day-wear, heels that I own!

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