Colour at Work!



This colourful and bold look is one of my favourites for work. Because the jacket and dress are both very work appropriate styles, I decided to go crazy on the colour. 

Truthfully, this dress is a bit hard to match with any old jacket or blazer because of its colour so I had to invest in a jacket to specifically go with the dress. I have several black blazers but I wanted to avoid the halloweeny feel of black and orange together, so black with this dress is a no no for me. Luckily I found this light grey, tailored jacket with the feminine ruffled detail and a thin, delicate, orangey-pink plaid running through it that perfectly compliments this loud dress. I think investing in an “outfit” rather than 2 versatile pieces that go with everything is perfectly ok if the price point is affordable and you are sure you will wear the outfit. The dress may be hard to match with other jackets, but I have worn the grey jacket with many other outfits. If you invest in something you love, it is worth it, but do not gamble on a bold style that you are not 100% sure is really you. This outfit screams me and I love it. You need that confidence in a piece that may be hard to match with other articles in your wardrobe. 

The dress was a must have for me because it fits my body like a glove but hides any undesirable parts with its pleating throughout the bodice which flares out for the skirt of the dress. 

Yes this dress did come in black, but I chose the blood orange because I love colour and I think bold colour like this can work at work, as long as it is in an office appropriate style of dress. 

I would wear this to work and then ditch the jacket and add a statement necklace for drinks with friends right after work.

Dress: H&M  Jacket: H&M

Shoes: Payless.  

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