Lace and Sparkle Graduation Look!



This past Tuesday my baby sister graduated her 3 year Travel Tourism program at Georgian College. I knew she’d need a feminine and festive outfit for the occasion and upon seeing her interest in this lace dress (not normally her style!) I encouraged her to try it on and helped her accessorize!

One of the best compliments she has ever given me was after our shopping trip. She told me that I am a great person to shop with because I get as excited and giddy about dressing others as I do myself. It is so true! I love the satisfaction of pulling an outfit together.

The moment I saw the snakeskin sling back heels in half mint/half beige, I knew we had the makings of a stellar outfit. Add a statement sparkle bow belt and a cute gold purse and we have a very feminine, vintage inspired graduation outfit!



Because this dress was a very subtle creme colour (white in my sisters eyes) we had to scour a few places to find a proper slip/undergarment because the dress was slightly see-through. She tried Wal-mart and Winners but they did not have many options. Finally we stopped at Stitches. Working for the head office briefly, I was aware of their clothing and what was in store at the moment and I found her a $6 fitted tube dress that really hugged the body and went perfectly under the dress. Some women shell out quite a lot of money for a good slip, and no doubt that is sometimes worth it, but in this case we found a bargain of a deal that perfectly suited the requirements of the outfit (and of a cash strapped recent grad).

I wore a dress I styled my mom in a previous post with, along with killer pointed toe nude stilettos with funky DTM (dyed to match) studs.



Thanks sis for being so fun to dress, with your slender frame anything looks good on you and I’m excited for our next shopping adventure!

My Sister’s Outfit Notes:

Dress: H&M in stores now. $35.

Glitter Bow Belt: H&M in stores now. $20

Snakeskin Sling Back Heels: H&M in stores now  $35.

Gold Purse: H&M in stores now $7.

White Tube Dress (used as slip): Stitches in stores now $6.

My Outfit Notes:

Dress: Top Gear (Lawrence Square mall) $40.

Shoes: Ardene in stores now. $35.

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