The Pros and Cons of Shorty Short Shorts




Today was hot and I had some running around to do. I recently purchased these high-waisted ”Shorty short shorts” for $10 and thought I’d try em out. After a few hours in them I thought about the virtues and the pitfalls of such short shorts, read my pro-con list below:


1. The adorability factor. Shorty shorts are cute. They show off almost all of your leg. Guys appreciate it.

2. They can be dressed up. I’m picturing these shorts with a sleek pair of black high heels and a sparkly top for a night out in the summer heat.

3. These are high-waisted. Any garment that helps to suck my stomach in a bit is A-ok with me.

4. Sun exposure. My legs are pasty, sitting in the sun for a few hours in these may change that (of course I always recommend sunscreen).

5. They look good on women of any height. If you are short, shorty short shorts will make you look taller because they show off so much leg. If you are tall, they help you show off those gorgeous legs!


1. The bashful factor. If you are more reserved and don’t like to show off a slight bit of butt cheek, shorty short shorts are not for you.

2. The adjusting factor. Because they are short they can tend to ride up, requiring adjusting. Depending how tight and short they are, they can tend to feel like a thong. Though, like thongs, you do get used to the feeling.

3. The parental factor. I for one wouldn’t wear shorts like these around my dad or grandparents. Though I am a fully grown 24 year old comfortable with her body, I don’t feel the need to look quite so ”comfortable” around family. Though I’m sure somebody’s grandparents saw me in my shorty short shorts today at the mall.

4. The chill factor. As we are still in summers temps of the ”wtf it was really warm 2 hours ago and now I’m freezing” variety, I wouldn’t recommend shorty short shorts for outside, night time activities. Though if you threw a pair of basic solid colour tights in your purse and put them underneath once you were chilly that could work and look pretty cute too.

5. Thigh rubage. Ok this is a con of any dress/skirt/short in the summer time when its hot and your thighs get sweaty and rub together. If you plan to walk for hours maybe wear a longer pair of shorts to avoid the dreaded carpet burn feeling of thigh rubage.

Zipper Applique Tank: Winners.

High-Waisted Shorty Short Shorts: Stitches in stores now $10.

Metallic Silver Mary Jane Flats: The Shoe Company $20 Clearance.

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