Pack Mentality


Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy. 

I am a self-confessed over packer. I have been a nomad this past month due to a flooding in my apartment and hurriedly packed my largest suitcase before going to stay with family while my dry wall and carpeting was redone. I’ve got to say, I did a decent job and have used I’d say 85% of the contents of my suitcase.

However I would very much like to learn to optimize my packing even more as I have decided to treat myself to a trip to New York in September for my 25th birthday and do not want any unnecessary extra baggage.

Here is an ideal list of what I think I will need for the 3 day trip:

1. 2 Pairs of Jeans, 1 Black, 1  Blue.

2. 1 pair of denim shorts.

3. 2 Dresses.

4. 4 Tops. Tank, T-shirt, Blouse x2

5. Tank tops to go under blouses x2

6. Minimum 3 pairs of shoes: 1 heel, 1 casual boot, 1 comfortable walking shoe.

7. 1 plain skirt.

8. 1 thick hoodie/light coat

9. 1 Umbrella.

10. 1 pair of PJ’s

11. 2 Earrings

12. 2 Necklaces.

13. Makeup bag.

14. Hair Dryer

15. Travel size soap/shampoo/conditioner.

16. 2 bra’s

17. 6 panties (over packing on under wear is non-negotiable for me)

18. 3 pairs of socks

19. 2 purses (1 large for shopping, 1 small for sightseeing).

20. Laptop.

This list seems daunting but because I’ll be in New York in September the weather could be a bit cooler and it could still feel hot like summer so I’ll want to be prepared.

If I didn’t care what I looked like I could probably get away with 2 pairs of jeans a t-shirt and a sweater for the whole trip, but seeing that it is New York (one of the fashion capitals of the world) and I just so happen to have chosen a career in fashion, I should try and represent a bit.

Once the flight/bus? Is booked, and the trip is 100% happening I’ll post a peek into my suitcase. Let’s see if I can maximize the space of my suitcase and only bring what I deem to be absolutely necessary. I have a feeling the above list is going to need to shrink a bit.

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