Jewellery Display/My “Get Ready” Corner



I like to sit down while I do my makeup. Maybe its because I’m lazy, or maybe it’s because I can get my face really close to the mirror as I do my makeup, or likely its both. This is why I have my full body mirror next to my little side table which has become my makeup table. These are both feet away from my closet. And today I decided rather than keeping my jewellery in boxes where they inevitably get tangled and I forget which pieces I own, I’d put my necklaces on full display in my room and within arms reach while getting ready in the morning. This also solves my conundrum of what to do with that small blank wall opposite my bed that I’ve kept blank for over a year now with no idea of what to do with.

I love that having my necklaces on display looks visually interesting AND makes getting ready that much quicker.

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