How To Dress Up Denim For The Office


Here we are at my 3rd day in my new job. I wore jeans today but dressed them up with a new blazer I adore from Joe Fresh. This month in the office we are encouraged to wear denim in support of one of our denim brands that will be relaunched with nicer fits, washes, and styles of denim clothing. I embraced that today but still wanted to look professional. I wore my favourite pair of blue jeans, added a tailored, floral blue blazer, and a white chiffon top. I think I look relaxed, yet professional and well pulled together. The blazer is the statement of this piece so I left all the pattern to be on my jacket and opted for a plain white structural top underneath, pulling the white from the blazer and making the look cohesive.

I wore comfortable and understated ankle boots as the true hero of the outfit is the blazer and I didn’t want any other aspect of my outfit competing for attention.

Blazer: Joe Fresh (In Stores Now)

Chiffon Structural Top: Turquoise

Jeans: Forever21

Boots: Zellers

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