Thursday Work Look: Disco Pants



I bought these pants on sale at H&M. They are a very shiny iridescent purple. Because of the treatments used to create the iridescent effect the pants do not have very much give and feel slightly plastic-y. They also make farting noises when I am sitting and re-position myself. All that being said, I still think the iridescent is really pretty and would probably stick to wearing these on a night out dancing rather than at the office. Still they were fun for a day and I’m really hoping my office-mates don’t think I have a flatulence problem, haha.

The flats are new from Wal-mart, now normally I don’t ever buy shoes from there as the quality is so poor and I have torn my feet many a time with Wal-mart shoes, but these sparkly black flats for $12 have been great so far!

I wore a thick and cozy open sweater to embrace the colder temperatures and the beginning of fall.

Sweater: Ardene (in stores now $39.50)

Top: Urban Planet

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Wal-Mart (in stores now $12)


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