Wednesday Work Look: Grey Black Grey and a Note on Perfume Application


I wore these stretchy knit pants that are very comfortable yet professional looking since they have a seam down the front which mimics the crease that most dress pants have. I paired them with a grey blazer that has a light plaid pattern to it and a black peplum shirt that has shiny gold dots on it.


I also wore the new perfume I bought recently. I have actually loved this perfume for over a year now but could not afford to replace it after it was lost last new years. Luckily it was extremely discounted at Wal-Mart! Despite loving fashion I have often turned my nose up at commercial perfume’s (often worn to excess by the highly fashionable), finding them over powering and too strong. Upon receiving a sample of True Religions Hippie Chic however, I knew I’d done what I thought was the impossible, found a perfume that I loved and could see myself wearing!

Imagine a perfume that is light. That has this wonderful fruitiness, mixed with soft florals and a kick of spice. A perfume that smells more clean and fresh compared to soft and sugary sweet. One that is not too deep or woody, which often creates a scent that is too strong. A perfume that could suit many personalities! I could see casual tom boy women and feminine girly girl’s alike appreciating this scent! The beautiful part is that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive nose or make me sneeze like most perfumes!

A Note on Perfume Application: The rule of perfume SHOULD ALWAYS BE, apply light and do not spray directly onto yourself. Instead spray the perfume in front of you and walk into it. Seriously I know people who squirt themselves directly 3 times in a row! Ladies, if you aren’t about to get crunk at da club you have NO excuse for offending people’s noses other than a simple lack of respect. Men this goes for you too with cologne, cologne is also typically much stronger and woodier than most ladies perfumes so spraying your entire body like you are in an f ‘ing Axe commercial is the polar opposite of sexy! Perfume/cologne smells best in small, light doses. Perfumed peeps: lets smell great, yet stay courteous to others!

Hippie Chic perfume by True Religion: Wal-Mart: Currently on sale for $24.

Blazer: H&M

Peplum Top: Suzy Shier

Pants: A store in my local mall that has now closed, can’t remember the name.

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