Monday Work Look: Winterize Your Summer Dress!


Years and years ago, I’m guessing at least 4 years, I bought a simple black knit turtle neck. It has a few minor fashion details like gathering at the sleeves and a button up neck which makes it perfect as a layering piece or wearing it on its own. Never did I imagine how versatile and necessary a piece it would become.

In today’s outfit I have layered my beloved black turtle neck under a favourite summer dress with thick tights to comfortably transition into the colder weather. Though the turtle neck and dress are made of light weight knit they provided a surprising amount of warmth and anything with that much stretch will always be comfortable!

Not all summer dresses can transition into colder weather. Some are printed with bright summer prints that would be difficult to match boots and tights with. Basically it’s a judgement call, solid more basic colours will transition better into winter. However if you are bold and hate monotone winter wear, then go ahead and wear your light cotton dress with the colourful print in the winter, just layer underneath for warmth :).

Dress: Katie

Turtle Neck: Winners

Tights: H&M

Gold Tipped Ankle Boots:

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