Combating the Winter Blues with Spring Nails!


This winter has hit me really hard this year. I’ve often skipped plans in favour of streaming tv online and swathing myself in my warm comforter. I am only slowly starting to hit the gym more and leaving the house to socialize regardless of the weather because I know spring will be here soon!

Finding this textured nail polish only helped to perk me up. This is Hard Candy nail polish in colour gummy green, though I would of called it Robin’s Egg if I were the creator, doesn’t it just remind you of a robin’s egg? The polish went on very light during the first coat so I had to do 3 to get the effect in the photo but I really like how it turned out. The polish itself is not very glossy, I’d say it’s flirting with the matte side of the spectrum. Though I hate matte nail polish, this one had just enough shine to suit me. Even the “sparkles” that are in the polish don’t really give off any shine, they are more suited to be called mini confetti, than sparkles.

The best part? This cost me $3.98 at Wal-Mart! They have tons and tons of colours too.

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