My New Lipstick Collecting Habit

Well, it took me 25 years but I have caught the lipstick bug. Previously happy to apply and reapply my corner store lip chap as a perfectly good substitute to lipstick, I have formed a new habit; envying a beautiful lip colour on the girl I pass in the mall and picking a similar shade up shortly after.

I guess it all started with a friend from work’s birthday gift. One trip to Sephora (a store I had previously avoided after walking in once and mentally declaring the prices were too rich for my pocket book) I was mesmerized by the colour and admittedly, saddened and overwhelmed by all of the tools and chemicals women “need” to look beautiful. But this post is not going to condemn makeup, I wear it every day because I feel more polished and confident, no, this post is a flirty regard to my new found hobby of collecting lipsticks.

Seeing the young cute girls at the mall, or checking my purchase out at Shopper’s, or at work all wearing lipstick, I notice not only the colour of the lipsticks but how soft and smooth it makes their lips look. The hilarious concept that lipstick makes a woman’s lips seem supple and kissable is immediately shattered as that special someone goes in for that steamy smooch and the chemicals and colour get tasted and smeared everywhere. Hopefully for me and any lipstick enthusiast, this will not put a suitor off and in fact will turn them on when they pull away and see the smeared mess they’ve created :).

But I digress. The point is, I wear lipstick a few days a week now and my 2 new favourite lipsticks to wear couldn’t be more different:

?????????? DSCN0576

#1: Out For Passion by MAC is a premium price for my blood at $24 a stick but the colour works with virtually every outfit I own and is a perfect “everyday” colour. A subtle glossy red with undertones of coral and pink, it’s an ”every day red” not a ”vixen red” but provides the appropriate touch of glamour for an office girl who might have to run from work to a date at the end of the day and needs a no muss no fuss won’t-stain-her-teeth lip colour.



#2 Is a lark! An impulse buy for $1.57 at Wal-mart, Nouveau Pink 511B by Wet N Wild is a saturated and fashionable pink I’ve been wanting to try, but didn’t want to invest the big bucks in case it was just too pink for me.

In terms of quality the MAC lipstick is better than the Wet N Wild. The MAC does not dry out and leaves a pleasant stain on my lips long after the glossy coating has worn off from drinking, eating, or ahem… smooching. I find I don’t have to re-apply the MAC as often as the Wet N Wild.

On the contrary, the Wet N Wild outshines it’s minuscule price with quality one would never expect of a $1.57 lipstick! Because the colour is so bold and bright I first apply a slight coat of my trusty lip chap and then the lipstick for a more subdued yet still noticeable pink. On a girls night I would go all out and layer the crap out of this colour on my lips! It does dry out quickly without a lipchap base underneath, but for $1.57 how the hell could I complain?? The best thing about this lipstick is that it does not taste ridiculously nasty as one might expect such a cheap lipstick to and it does not stain my teeth, EVER!

I will buy from MAC again because I like the helpful (though caked on makeup) staff and the fact that you can try the lipsticks on right in the store as they sanitize the stick for you.

I will buy this Wet N Wild lipstick again in another colour because the price makes it affordable enough to experiment with the entire colour collection if one so wishes!

P.s. I know my photos turned pretty “Rocky Horror-esque” but I think they suit the cheeky nature of this post.

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