Monday Interview Look

Today I met with a recruiter I got in touch with last week. With the weather finally getting warmer I decided to do a spring inspired outfit. Beige pants with a cream crochet blazer and graphic top. Most of my work pants are black but I decided I needed to change that up. I bought the pants I’m wearing in beige, grey and navy so I could start brightening up my outfits as the weather gets brighter.

Something to note about meeting with a recruiter/head hunter, dress like you were going to an interview. I know this seems simple but several years ago, as a young grad, I didn’t really know what recruiters expected or how formal recruitment agencies were. The first time meeting a recruiter I wore a short sleeve blouse and black pants. Not super casual but not super tailored and polished either. The recruiter had me come in to discuss a high-end fashion job and I could tell by her subtle comments and questions about my professional wardrobe that she didn’t think I looked the part. I should have thrown on a jacket with it and maybe added some accessories. Especially for me working in the fashion industry I should of known better.

In a professional situation (networking, meeting a recruiter, interviewing) always always dress your best even if you were told ahead of time it is a casual atmosphere.

DSCN1152 copy

Here’s a close up of the crochet:

Crochet Jacket

Crochet Blazer: Suzy Shier. In stores now. $38

Cream Trousers: Suzy Shier. In stores now. $29

Graphic Top: H&M. In stores now. $20

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